About the Company

SAEMED, Ltd. is a global Medical IT company, specialized in International Healthcare, Medical Management and Wellness Tourism. The SAEMED Portal and Platform is a result of 8 years of research and development to build an Integrated Biometric Online Medical Management System tailored to the global International traveling industries. I ranges from Cruise Lines, Shipping Lines, Airlines, Oil Drilling Companies, Mining Companies, Construction Companies all the way to Diplomats, Business travelers and Medical Tourists.

Dr. Mohammed Saeme MD, PhD, a recognized international expert on maritime health and wellness, along with his IT research and development team, succeeded in materializing his vision based on the use of cloud computing combined with the latest biometric and IT technologies, to deliver a secured individualized biometric online digital medical record system coupled with an operational management system. This allows the global mobile travel industries and their employees to connect any time any where to the global networks of medical providers as, Doctors, Dentists, Specialist Clinics, Hospital, Insurance providers, Medical Transport and Evacuation Companies, Pharmacies and Medical Equipment providers, etc.

With his 30 years of experience in the world of shipping, oil drilling and international medical management and operations, Dr. Saeme is the architect behind this revolutionary interfacing which ranges between his biometric online international medical record system and a diversity of mobile and stationary medical devices in clinical use.

Cardiology equipment, Laboratory equipment, X-Ray / Imaging equipment to other needed support and surveillance equipment all part of the interfacing allowing Telemedicine solutions any where any time and helping to support the medical needs of the global mobile individuals and traveling industries.

SAEMED system is coupled with a multipurpose smartcard technology, allowing the delivery of additional benefits. SAEMED Card, is an all-in-one card that combines biometric Identification "ID Card", storage of emergency medical information "Medical Card", insurance information and identification "Insurance Card", payment card for the employer and for the employee / member as "Credit/Debit Card" - all these benefits are designed to cater some of the most important needs of a seafarer, International employees, business travelers and diplomats.

The SAEMED Engine is a combination of four interacted main servers where the first one is the login server and behind it is the medical server, the Human resources server and the financial server. Our applications are web-based solution and all our transactions are encrypted and secured by the use of biometric solutions. All our procedures and systems are quality managed and certified by BUREAU VERITAS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Standard Certification.