The SaeMed Smart Card


SAEMED as an International Medical Record System coupled with the all-in-one card that includes biometric identification, emergency medical record, and insurance information and payment possibilities as a credit/debit card.

The medical data access and personal biometrics, which the SAEMED system utilizes for its secured verification system is stored in the Multi-purpose Smart Card chip. This completes the trifecta of a successful integration of the identification medical record insurance illegibility and the payment possibilities in one card, allowing the international travelers convenience and professional access to the accredited global health and medical providers with ease.

Product Features :

  • ID CARD ; that includes biometric Identification and compliance with the international standard of an ID card based on the passport information.
  • MEDICAL CARD; that stores the emergency medical information in the card's chip, accessible with a card reader without access to the network for the non-network accredited medical providers.
  • INSURANCE CARD that is the confirmation of illegibility to the insurance coverage and compensation with the policy number and the providing company.
  • IPAYMENT CARD, The SAEMED card is ready with the level of XML required by both Visa and Master card and can be utilized as a credit or a debit twin cards for the user and family members allowing payment and money transfer immediately both to the employee from the employer if the agreement on payroll is coupled into the system, and from the employee to his family members. Other benefits are discounted such as telephone communications and other benefits that could be combined for club members.