About the Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide the internationally operating industries and their employees, with comprehensive Medical solutions adjusted to the nature of their business and the geographic locations wherever they are operating. Our platform is using the latest IT technologies to satisfy and exceed all expectations of our clients and our international network of providers.


Our corporate values are excellence in services, honesty, transparency, courtesy, confidentiality and respect to our customers, employees and all international travelers. These values define the way we do business, and inspire us to create a successful company building solid worldwide partnership between our users and providers.


Our vision is to be globally recognized as the leading medical IT provider to the internationally operating industries, allowing the companies and their employees to have medical services anywhere and any time, by using a global network of international medical providers and the latest telemedicine technologies based on mobile medical devices securely linked to cloud computing

With our paperless, waterless, low-energy mobile equipment combined to telemedicine and digital technologies, our aim is to provide the services in real time, at the patient location allowing us to save time, energy and help in protecting our precious and fragile planet environment.


Our quality policy is to continuously develop the ultimate best IT Medical solution for the globally traveling industries, striving for further improvement to ensure that we remain the leader in the industry. To ensure highest quality of our product we continually train and enhance the skills of our personnel, to guarantee they always keep up with the latest stand of development, while rendering a highly appreciated service.